Full Stack Developer

Company Overview

We’re an independent marketing technology agency based in London and New York, on a mission to combine technology and creativity to solve brands’ problems. We are one of the UK’s top 25 fastest growing start-ups, and we were the 33rd fastest growing company on the Financial Time’s 2019 top 1000 list. We bring together data, technology, content, and paid-media to drive revenue for brands. Our clients include Spotify, Nike, Waze, Just Eat, ASOS, Pret A Manger and adidas. Since being founded in 2014, Byte has grown to more than 140 brilliant people.


Our core services are:

  • Creative ideas development
  • Digital content production
  • Design and build chatbots
  • Voice bots 
  • Messaging experiences 
  • AR effects / lenses
  • Biddable digital media planning and buying
  • Data analytics and insight
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing technology consultancy
  • Digital channel optimisation
  • Automation of internal and paid-media processes 
  • Dynamic creative


For more information, chat to our chatbot at www.bytelondon.com. 

Job Purpose

The work is around application development, primary around internal tools for development, data analytics and the media buying team. In the near future, we’re also looking to investigate how we can leverage emerging technologies for marketing (AI, ML, Voice and AR) and scale our development efforts around these technologies. This is an exciting opportunity for a frontend developer who wants to join a small but growing development team and become an all-rounder.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design, build and maintain Node.js based applications (Node.js backend and React / Elm frontend)
  • Create automation systems to improve workflows and scalability for design and media work, working closely with internal product owners
  • Work with other teams to think up new tools and ways to improve business efficiency
  • Maintain the health of production systems
  • Investigate emerging technologies and their applicability to our tech stack
  • Work alongside other members of the team to spread knowledge and ideas (e.g. pairing)

Previous Experience


  • Frontend / UX design in React or Elm
  • js (previous experience in TypeScript preferred)
  • Test driven development (e.g. Mocha, Chai, Jest)
  • Experience working with version control (Git)
  • Relational databases and SQL (e.g. Postgres)
  • Cloud based operations (e.g. AWS, Heroku)
  • Minimum three years of industry experience (or equivalent)

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience with modular analytics dashboards (e.g. Mosaik)
  • Experience with frontend state management tools (e.g. Redux, Flux)
  • Experience of a functional programming language (e.g. Elm, Purescript)
  • Previous experience in R and/or Python, particularly for file system manipulation
  • Familiarity with the Unix shell / Bash scripts
  • Machine learning (e.g. Tensor Flow)
  • Natural language recognition (e.g. API.AI, IBM Watson)

Company Overview

To complement the team dynamic:


  • Sense of humour
  • Self-starting
  • Easily bored
  • No ego
  • Extremely motivated
  • Adaptable and thrives with variety and change
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Inquisitive mindset
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Learns quickly
  • Persistent and hard-working
  • Open to criticism and ideas
  • Clear communicator